Founded in January 2012, Ai4 Architecture is an architecture and design office based in Geneva which welcome you in different languages; French, English and Portuguese.

Multidisciplinary training and with many years of experience in the field of architecture, project management, renovation, assessment and interior design, we take care to imagine how to build an environment where to live well. Imagine, Building and Living, essential steps of the cycle to realize a project.

We set up a work of listening, understanding and sharing with our clients so that they can own the project and create a new life. We pay special attention to marry aesthetics and constraints, be they environmental, technical, legal or financial order to obtain a perfect balance between the objective and the means used. We are continually looking for new solutions to meet the latest architectural and technical requirements.

Conscious of youngers formation, we are recognized by the state of Geneva as trainer office.

Igor & Celina Correia